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Medication Management, Perioperative

Stopping Medications Prior To Your Surgery

The following medications can interfere with surgery and therefore may need to be stopped temporarily around the time of your surgery.

The general recommendations are set out below. Please discuss this with Dr Parker if you are unsure as to what you should do before your surgery.


Cease 1 week preoperatively
Anti-inflammatory Agents Cease 1 week preoperatively
Lipid lowering agents Cease 1 day preoperatively and resume when stable and eating a full diet
Oral Contraceptives

In high risk surgery stop at least 4 weeks preop and during any period of postoperative immobility.

In low risk surgery discuss risk of DVT versus risk of unwanted pregnancy (mostly continue with contraceptive).

HRT Cease at least 4 weeks preop and during postoperative immobility
Estrogen receptor modulators Same as for HRT – discuss with Oncologist
MAO Inhibitors Discuss with Anaesthetist
Herbal Products Stop 2 weeks preoperatively
Warfarin Stop 5 days preoperatively after consultation with your General Practitioner and / or Specialist


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