What To Bring To Surgery

We understand that having surgery can be a very daunting experience for a lot of patients. Whether you are having day surgery or overnight surgery, there a few things that you must remember to take with you.

  1. Dr Parker does not keep any x-rays / MRIs and although he might have looked at your scans online during your consultation; he will not be able to do this whilst he is operating on you. PLEASE remember to take all x-rays / MRIs relevant to your knee surgery.

  2. If you take regular medication, please take these with you in the original packaging.

  3. Please remember to pack your toiletries and some comfortable loose clothing. Even if you are scheduled for day surgery, occasionally you may need to stay overnight.

  4. Please leave all valuables at home.

  5. Phones and laptops can be used in the hospitals and both the Mater Private and North Shore Private provide free Wi-Fi access for all patients.


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